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allison transmission repairAllison Transmission is an American manufacturer of commercial grade automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems that has been in business since 1915. Allison products are in use in over 300 of the word’s vehicle manufacturers that include Motorhomes, Semi’s, Fleet Vehicles, Delivery Trucks, Public Busses, School Busses, Fire Departments, Construction Vehicles, Farm Equipment, and Military Applications.


Allison has been contracted by the US Military, since WWI, and throughout the years had develop and maintain our military’s fleet of tracked and wheeled vehicles. Through these contracts, Allison had been tasked with providing powerful and reliable transmissions and other products for our troops and Allison did not fail in any aspect. Allison Transmissions are installed on every military vehicle you see in the United States, and now, abroad, with our allies.


With relative peace throughout the globe, Allison has to turn its expertise to the private sector and began to provide for the mass transit and commercial markets of nations large cities. In 1947 GM/Allison equipped city busses with their “V” (angle drive) transmission which would be in service for over 30 years, providing transportation to millions of passengers.  From this point forward, Allison has forged a market share unlike any other company and has provided our nation delivery vehicles with highly efficient and reliable transmissions. New technologies have emerged and the Allison has led the way with these new technologies and has developed a hybrid propulsion system.


Allison’s focus is now to provide hybrid technology for our mass transit systems. Today there are more than 3,800 buses using Allison hybrid technology saving an estimated 15 million gallons of fuel, and that technology is being adapted to our nation’s fleet vehicles. Soon, Allison Hybrid technology will be cruising down our highways, not using any fossil fuel. And who better to help you maintain your fleet’s health but Transmission Doctors.

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