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Jeep Water Pump

Feb 17, 2012 by Google User

I took my jeep in for a new water pump and the quality of work they did to get me back one the road was quick and fast. I would recommend this shop to anyone! So if your car is feeling sick I recommend the transmisson doctors!

I would recommend Transmission Doctors to anyone

Oct 13, 2011 by Yahoo User

I would recommend Transmission Doctors to anyone. My wife and I were on our way back home from our honeymoon when our car broke down just outside of Troutdale. It was after five and all the shops were closed, but Karla answered the phone. She and Bob waited till the tow truck brought us in. Bob diagnosed my car and they helped us find a hotel and drove us there. They then picked us up the next day. The part for the car was hard to find and Bob did his best, but it had to be ordered and would not be there until the following day. I had to get back for work so Karla drove us to the airport. I then returned on the weekend to get my car and Bob picked me up at the airport and took me back to the shop after hours so I could get my car which was running better than new. Despite all of the extra work he put in and all the driving around, the price never changed from what he said it would be. Finding a shop like this was like finding a needle in a hayst ack. Bob Edwards is passionate about cars and about being successful. He reminds me of the days when doctors used to make house calls. We live twelve hours away, and Bob and Karla treated us like old friends. That made the situation a lot less stressful. I would take my car back to him in a heartbeat and would recommend Transmission Doctors to anyone. They are a breath of fresh air in our money before people society. They do things the right way. I couldn\'t have had a better experience. Thank you so much Bob and Karla for everything!

Transmission Doctors & Auto Care LLC (503) 661-2203 1057 NW Corporate Drive Troutdale OR, 97060 USA 5.0 5.0 12 12 Bob does it all from manual transmission problems to starter issues on my 98 Jetta and changing oil pan gaskets on my 95 Mercury. You just can\'t pass up the low prices and excelen