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Great job on the Volkswagon and Mercury

Jan 15, 2014 by Andrew and Ariel

Bob does it all from manual transmission problems to starter issues on my 98 Jetta and changing oil pan gaskets on my 95 Mercury. You just can\'t pass up the low prices and excelent service that Bob and his team provides at Transmission Doctors. Bob consistently delivers on time on with such short notices between both of my cars. I have been a customer for over a year. I am the type of customer that tends to do some minor repairs to my car and have Bob repair the things I don\'t have time to repair or can\'t repair due to my lack of resources to repair my car. Most mechanics I don\'t trust and would not recommend going to them even if it is for something as simple as brake job. At Transmission Doctors I feel safe to send my girl friend there and know she is not going to get ripped off like one would at some huge corporate machine that tries to up sell every little freaking detail about the repair. Hands down, Bob is the type guy you could trust who does honest work.


Nov 09, 2013 by Chris Johnson

These guys went over and beyond what they needed to make me happy. There are shops out there that give you 90 day to 1 year warrantee and they cost more for the repairs. Transmission Doctor gives you 2 years and their work is OUTSTANDING!!! They even upped my flywheel to 11 inch and my clutch plate to match. They may not be the cheapest BUT YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR...IF YOU WANT THE BEST WARRANTEE AND THE BEST CLUTCH CHOOSE THEM!!!!!! I WILL DEFENTLY BE GOING BACK IF I NEED ANY AND I MEAN ANY AUTO REPAIR!!! GOOD GUYS HONEST ALL THE WAY!!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR A WONDERFUL JOB YOU DID ON MY 1993 FORD F150

Outstanding Service!

Aug 22, 2013 by Kristin B

Bob Edwards and his team rebuilt my 1997 Honda Accord\'s engine in three days so I could drive to and start a new job on a Monday. Not only that, but he rebuilt my transmission on time (thereby sacrificing his family\'s long weekend at the beach) for a reasonable price and personally gave me a ride home after I dropped off my car. Finally, he checked and correctly diagnosed my Engine Check light for free. Awesome friendly, honest, personable service for a competitive price. Bob and his crew are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and above all Honest hard working team. They make it well worth the trip to Troutdale from SE Portland. I can\'t recommend them highly enough!


Jul 12, 2013 by W. Thad Pentecost

I do not profess to know much about automobiles; however, the owner, Bob, renewed my faith in honest and professional service from beginning to end. His shop was clean and orderly and with regards to the service, he was true to his word. I won\'t take my car anywhere else for service. Bravo!

Transmission Doctors and Bob are Great!

Jul 07, 2013 by Tom and Janet Losek

We were on the way home to Yakima, WA from Albany, OR, when our car broke down at the Troutdale Outlet Mall. We waited for a tow truck for 2 1/2 hours. We called Transmission Doctors to see if our car could be towed there, since it is only a mile away and it also had good reviews on his site.
They weren\'t open, but Bob the owner was there doing bookwork. He said, come on over. He was so friendly and helpful. He said he would call for or take us to a rental car if we need one. But first he would look at the car. He found a spark plug that had come loose. It needed another part that needed ordered, but he said he could fix it for us to at least drive home and he did. He went out of his way to help us and saved our day. He also saved us time and money and we got home fine. It is nice to know there are still caring people who would go out of their way to help others in a time of stress. Thank you Bob Edwards and Transmission Doctors. We would recommend you to everyone. We wish we lived in Portland because we would come to you all the time for our car care. Thanks so much.

Transmission Doctors are the Best

May 20, 2013 by Sandy Durham

Transmission Doctors has been fantastic to work with. They installed a re-built transmission in my Acura TL for a very reasonable price. I would recommend them to anyone. They take great pride in their work and do a terrific job. I will definitely go back!

I trust Transmissions Doctors...

Mar 04, 2013 by Mark S.

It has been a great experience working with Transmission Doctors over the past few months. Since the beginning they have done what they said and more. Always going above and beyond to make our company run more efficient and helping me stay within my budget. I would highly recommend and do recommend to anyone wanting to save time, money and headaches to take the time to get to know how Transmission Doctors runs their business with honesty and integrity.
From working on our entire fleet to my personal vehicles I trust Transmission Doctors without hesitation to always do the right thing.

Quality work and truly care about their clients

Aug 07, 2012 by Brianna Lamson

After a week long vacation my boyfriend and I were just starting our road trip back to Colorado, already a little strapped for cash, when we heard the most awful sound of grinding metal under our car. We were extremely worried but thank goodness we found Bob and his amazing team! They had our car put back together in two days and that wasn\'t easy. He had to order numerous parts, one of which didn\'t show up so Bob had to personally make a trip to Portland to get it for us. He did the work quickly and for a VERY reasonable price. He also dropped us off at the hotel and picked us back up when our car was ready. It was refreshing how he runs his business. Unlike most auto shops if he can repair the part that\'s damaged he will; instead of just ordering a new one, forcing you to pay the cost for a brand new part. They do quality work and truly care about their clients. All over we were very lucky to have found The Transmission doctors and auto repair shop. The only thing I\'m sad about is that we cant bring our car to him from now on since we live so far away. Thanks again Bob and crew!!!

Transmission Doctors are top notch

Jun 19, 2012 by Google User

The Transmission Doctors are top notch when it comes to 4 categories: customer service, quality of work, speed of service, and price. I called them in search of a shop to replace my clutch. They were the only place that was able to get me in that day (but they were busy with other customers). They offered me the lowest price among anyone, and they were the nicest people to work with. Bob, the owner, knows his stuff. He\'s a great guy to do business with, and I highly recommend their service!

Acura Transmission Rebuild

Apr 11, 2012 by Google User

I drive the sh*t outta my Acura, always have. Also bought mine with 85K, and the tranny dumped on me at 117K. I found the Transmission Doctor in Troutdale, Or. Bob was knowledgeable with the Acura history (their transmissions are legendary dogs - a 10 second google search will teach you volumes!); he gave me a $2K - $2.5K quote for rebuilding the trans w/ 12 mo. 12K mile warranty, and a 5 day turnaround. (We always want same day service, but who the hell trusts a shop with no customers?) Short story: Done on time, at the price he quoted after pulling the tranny (about $2250), and did a general check that included pulling codes / reset for the stupid SRS light. When I picked it up, he said there is no real \"break-in\" procedure, so \"Drive it like you stole it\" - and I did It\'s been 2 weeks and he asked me to come by any time to do a cursory check on the highlift. No BS, normal repair policy, normal pricing practice, interest in his work = shop that will get my return business. So - 2 weeks later, no leaks, driven like a banshee only a couple times, and my only complaint (has Nothing to do with Bob!): My Acura shifts like a Caddy. It\'s so smooth I started using the sport-shift more in city driving.

Transmission Doctors & Auto Care LLC (503) 661-2203 1057 NW Corporate Drive Troutdale OR, 97060 USA 5.0 5.0 12 12 Bob does it all from manual transmission problems to starter issues on my 98 Jetta and changing oil pan gaskets on my 95 Mercury. You just can\'t pass up the low prices and excelen