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We replace timing belts on all makes and models of vehicles – Foreign and Domestic
12 month – 12,000 Mile Warranty on ALL New Timing Belts!


transmission doctors auto care timing belt replacement service transmission services rebuild shop auto repair gresham or portland oregonCertain engines with overhead camshafts have timing belts with limited life spans. Automobile manufacturers use these timing belts, instead of more durable timing chains because chains tend to be more noisy and cost more to manufacture.

Your vehicles owners manual will recommend at what mileage your timing belt MUST be replaced, typically the interval is anywhere between 60K to 105K miles. There are two different types of engines that use timing belts. There are interference engines and non-interference engines. On an interference engine, if the timing belt even slips one notch, the piston can crash into the valves causing serious engine damage and failure.

Transmission Doctors and Auto care is experienced to replace your vehicles timing belt, and take care of other recommended engine repair during this process. Typically it is recommended for some types of engines to replace the water pump during the replacement of the timing belt. We have had many years experince working on engines, and back everything we do up with at least 12 months / 12,000 mile warranty sometimes more.


Timing Belt Replacement by Transmission Doctors and Auto Care

Transmission Doctors and Auto Care offers complete timing belt replacement services at our auto repair shop here in Troutdale, OR. Just like everything else we do, we understand the vital role that your timing belt plays in the smooth operation of your vehicle and as such will always recommend following your vehicle manufacturers scheduled replacement of the timing belt.

At Transmission Doctors and Auto Care we are ASE Certified to work on your vehicle, and back up all work we perform with a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty.

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