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transmission doctors auto care oil changes transmission services rebuild shop auto repair gresham or portland oregonOne of the most inexpensive maintenance services you can have performed on your car is also one of the most essential. Getting your oil changed regularly can greatly extend the life of your car. Oil changes will greatly reduce the chances of having engine trouble in the future. Transmission Doctors have experts on staff to make sure the residents of Portland, Gresham, Sandy and Troutdale, Oregon receive the best possible care.

Is getting my oil changed really that important?

Simply, yes. Without oil, your car won’t run. If you have old oil, full of gunk and sludge it can cause severe damage to your engine and lead to costly repairs. Getting your oil changed on a regular basis will save you money in the long run – and save your car’s engine!
Oil provides lubrication which prevents friction in the engine. Without this lubrication parts will rub together causing great damage to your car’s internal organs. Another important role the oil fills is to keep the area around your engine cool. Your engine works hard and without this essential component could easily overheat. Transmission Doctors of Portland and Gresham, OR can help you decide which oil is best for your engine.

When should I have my oil changed?

transmission doctors auto care oil changes transmission services rebuild shop auto repair gresham or portland oregonThat all depends on the make of your car and the type of oil you use. The average recommendation is to have your oil changed every 3000-5000 miles or every three months.
A couple factors that may change this average are how you drive and what kind of oil you use. If you are someone who drives in stop and go traffic often you might want to consider an oil change sooner rather than later, due to extra strain on your engine. If you’re using a high quality synthetic oil or don’t drive your car on a regular basis you might be able to push the service back a bit.
Here at Transmission Doctors of Sandy and Troutdale our experts can discuss the specifics of your car and what the best schedule for your personal maintenance is.

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