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When adding a lift kit to your truck it is important to pick the right gear for your vehicle and for the modifications you are trying to achieve. When it comes to lift kit purchase and lift kit installation the technicians and Transmission Doctors of Portland, OR and Gresham, OR are experts in getting your truck higher off the ground.

transmission doctors auto care 4x4 truck lift kits suspension transmission services rebuild shop auto repair gresham or portland oregonWhat does a lift kit do?

A truck lift kit is an aftermarket alteration used to lift the body of your truck. Doing this enables you to install larger tires and ride higher off the ground. Beyond esthetics, having a lift kit installed on your truck is often desired when doing a lot of off road driving. A truck lift makes it possible to drive through  mud, sand and water as well as being able to drive on roads and highways. Suspension systems can also be added to enable a smoother ride. When using your truck for work purposes Рsuch as plowing or paving Рhaving a lift kit installed can also be a benefit.

Why have a professional install my truck lift kit?

There are a few factors to consider – weight, handling, legality, performance –¬† when purchasing and installing a new truck lift kit. The mechanic specialists at Transmission Doctors of Sandy, OR and Troutdale, OR are experts in assisting you while choosing the perfect kit for your vehicle. By having a professional install your lift kit, you can rest assure everything will work properly. Like any other aftermarket alteration you want to be sure you’re purchasing the correct parts for your vehicle and that they are installed correctly for your safety and other. The work will be done in a quick manner getting you back on the road.

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